Is your mobile shopping app optimized for your user?

Digital media usage is growing astronomically: According to Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends 2018, American adults are spending over 3 hours each day on mobile devices and 54% of mobile app sessions are spent on shopping apps. It has also been predicted that 40% of all eCommerce sales will take place on a mobile device in 2018. Coupling this with the demand for customer-centric design and a great user experience gives fashion brands and retailers a clear goal to ensure future business and relevance.

Elements of Every Great Mobile Shopping App

With this in mind, fashion brands should consider a few key elements when developing their shopping apps.

1. Speed:
Most shoppers expect sites and apps to load in 2 seconds or less. They will abandon the effort if it takes longer than this. Navigating through a slow app is a major turnoff. To avoid a potential sales loss, it’s important to make sure everything happens in a blink of an eye.

2. Images & Video:
70% of visitors don’t convert if the product image is low quality. And over 144% of visitors are more likely to add a product to the shopping basket if it includes a video. Great visual content is important to the shopper, so leveraging images for sales is a definite no-brainer.


3. Easy checkout & payment:
28% of users abandon their cart due to a long or complicated checkout process. There are some great tools to combat this. Bluesnap, for example, has created a seamless gateway payment solution by allowing for many different payment types and currencies. Some brands are also playing around with placing the checkout on the PDP in order to speed up impulse purchases.

4. Visual Search:
Although it might seem to be a pure marketing tool, Visual Search is a real asset for a mobile shopping app. Not only do shoppers want to buy the products they see in inspirational social media images, Visual Search also combats the 50% conversion loss that occurs with text-based searches on mobile devices.

Create an Innovative and User-Friendly Shopping App with App Commerce

Whether you have an existing app or are looking to create one from scratch, it’s easy to achieve the points listed above with the help from specialists in app commerce: Poq develops shopping apps that keep the customer front and center. They empower brands and retailers to create highly effective and fully customized native apps in no time at all. Not only do mobile apps generate 5x more revenue per user, they also have a 2x higher conversion rate per session compared to mobile web usage. Fashwell recently partnered with Poq to enable Visual Search for their app commerce customers, adding an extra innovative layer to the entire customer experience.

A great mobile shopping app encourages conversion and customer loyalty. Considering the future of commerce is on mobile, brands and retailers should develop their strategies as soon as possible!