How to Improve SEO and Discoverability of your Products

With nearly 1.2 billion fashionistas scouring the internet for fashion deals, it’s no wonder that the fashion eCommerce industry is predicted to be worth $713 billion worldwide by 2022. Of course brands and retailers are constantly fighting for top placement of their products. But with so much fierce competition, how can they ensure the best searchability and discoverability of their stock? Especially considering that 49% of consumers now begin their product search on Amazon, compared to only 36% on a search engine.

One surefire way of having the edge over the competition is by improving the SEO of a product. This way it ranks highly when shoppers place their keyword queries into a search engine. Keywords essentially translate into the tags associated with a product. The more relevant the tags of a product, the higher the likelihood of the product appearing in specific search results. Currently, most tagging is done manually by online visual merchandisers and the tags remain quite high level. This approach doesn’t service the level of specificity associated with fashion.

Better SEO with Image Tagging

Enter: Automatic Product Tagging. In addition to automating the entire tagging process, we also analyze product images and assign relevant and precise tags to each image. Our fashion product attribute classifier adds fashion product taxonomy and specific attribute tags. Currently we offer 600+ tags across a variety of categories, features and specifications. Automatic Product Tagging ist 10x faster than manual tagging with up to 95% accuracy across all product categories and attributes. By classifying all of your product catalog images, both clean product shots and model shots, our technology ensures best results for SEO and searchability.

Automatic Product Tagging improves the discoverability of your products, enables specific and personalized search filters on your site as well as effective catalog management from the backend. And it requires absolutely no effort from your end!