This is Why Luxury Fashion Brands Must Get Online

Fact 1: 18 to 24-year-olds, also known as Generation Z, almost universally buy fashion online.

Fact 2: When Generation Z buys online, they want a low-friction and highly personalized experience without any “hard sell” conversion tactics.

“Interesting,” you might think. “But why should I, a luxury fashion brand, care?”
Well, the average age of people with high purchasing power has dropped significantly over the last years, especially in Asian countries. Many luxury goods are now desirable commodities for a younger customer base. Younger customers are also more likely to purchase from brands that speak “their language”. Brands like Gucci and Tommy Hilfiger are testament to the fact that a well-rounded digital strategy pays off immensely in the long run.

Luxury Fashion eCommerce, without sacrificing status

Success of brands like these also show that now is not the time to hesitate. Luxury brands are afraid that their mark of exclusivity might be lost if their products are made more easily available through eCommerce. However this is no longer the case: The ability to shop expensive items online, along with personalized recommendations, expedited delivery options and exclusive customer service options are the very height of modern luxury.

So how exactly can luxury fashion brands give shoppers a seamless, personalized digital experience without sacrificing status? With subtle but highly effective deep learning eCommerce solutions, of course, as provided by Fashwell.

Deep Learning for Luxury Fashion eCommerce

The biggest challenge luxury fashion brands face is upholding their standard of customer experience across physical and digital touch points. One surefire way of doing this is with deep personalization. Getting recommendations like “You May Also Like” or “Shop The Look” are appreciated immensely by younger shoppers (56%, in fact). Fashwell offers both of these features automatically with Visual Recommendation. Our deep learning algorithms look at a product image and can instantly recommend visually similar products, or identify and link to all the products a runway or lookbook model is wearing. We make your showcase pages for products and runway looks – which many luxury shoppers currently only use for research – instantly shoppable.

For luxury fashion brands, Fashwell also offers:

  • Automatic Product Tagging, where we add fine-grain category and attribute labels to all of your product images.
  • Visual Search, a search-by-image tool which brings your customers closer to the products they want to see and shop.

Being online allows luxury brands to sell to a wider audience and improve their brand DNA.