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Shop The Look with Fashwell

Picture this: You’re shopping online and see a fantastic black blazer. You click on the product detail page (PDP) to see it up close. Scrolling through various shots of the blazer, you rest on the image of a model wearing it, along with a cozy white shirt, amazing jeans and the most to-die-for leather mules. Suddenly, you have the urge to complete the look, because all of these products go so well together. Not to mention you always appreciate a little styling help. Just imagine: This is what most of your customers go through when shopping online. With Fashwell’s Shop The Look, it’s easier than ever to seamlessly shop additional fashion products with just a few taps.

Fashwell’s Shop The Look tool, powered by deep learning image recognition and a whole lot of fashion knowledge.

Why Shop The Look?

Images are the starting point for most customer journeys. A lot of shoppers get inspired by a brand’s Instagram post. Others click through editorial content in an email campaign. And then there are those who simply start with the visuals on a brand’s website, be they ads or product shots. Whatever the source, every image is an opportunity to shop and convert.

How does it work?

Many brands still rely on manual product tagging for shop the look – which is tedious and time consuming. Fashwell’s automatic Shop The Look uses advanced deep learning image recognition technology to search and recognize all the products in an image, and then recommend similar or exact matches from the product catalog. Our fashion recognition API can be employed and integrated in many different ways, making it the perfect tool for fashion brands, retailers, affiliate networks, publishers, or any eCommerce player that creates and curates visual content.

Shop The Look on a mobile eCommerce platform.
Shop The Look on a mobile eCommerce platform.

Enjoy Endless Benefits

Shop The Look lets you fully monetize any image. With “complete the look”, you can cross-sell the entire outfit a model is wearing. You can also fully monetize editorial and social media images, as well as user generated content (UGC) – any image, really. Increase the average basket size, drive conversion and order size by 20%, and offer more shoppable, complementary content closer to the checkout page.

The customer journey begins with images – and Fashwell’s fashion recognition API makes sure your visual content is completely shoppable. Get in touch today for a Shop The Look demo.