eCommerce Trends 2018: AI, Distributed Commerce and More

After Pinterest Lens, Google Lens, visual search from ASOS, Amazon, eBay and more, not to mention all the other cool things brands have been up to this year, it’s hard to imagine that 2017 could be topped in terms of technological innovations for eCommerce. And yet, predictions for 2018 eCommerce trends include everything from the conversion of mobile commerce (finally!) and even more AI-based revolutions (duh). So, here we are.

Distributed Commerce: Shop wherever, whenever

Next year, the customer journey will be better, faster, smarter. Distributed commerce makes everything instantly shoppable across all channels. Whether in emails, on social media or in-store, brands are implementing new omnichannel technologies that turn pretty much everything into an opportunity to convert. eCommerce solutions like Fashwell’s image recognition plug seamlessly into any part of the user flow, therefore allowing brands to make all of their images instantly shoppable. No matter where shoppers find them. Boost user engagement and conversions in one fell swoop!

Luxury Fashion is joining eCommerce

The very exclusive French brand Céline now has an eCommerce store? And Louis Vuitton launched a Messenger chatbot? Yep. Turns out, luxury fashion must adapt or die. That’s why, next year, luxury fashion retail will continue its move to eCommerce. And those who don’t risk falling out of favor with younger shoppers, because that’s who is spending the most money online.

Machine Learning continues world domination

Machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence – these were all keywords buzzing through the tech world in 2017. And they’re going to continue to burn just as brightly next year and beyond. Applied to eCommerce, solutions powered by machine learning have revolutionized everything from payments to delivery to how we discover products. Visual search, for instance, is still going hot after Zalando, ASOS and many others debuted their “search by image” tools. In addition to Visual Search, Fashwell offers image recognition solutions that further enable product discovery. Like similar product recommendations, automatic product tagging, shop the look as well as other use cases.

Personalization for everyone

In a world where shoppers are becoming much more demanding, tailoring online experiences to their taste and preferences is an expected service. And personalization is an easy demand to meet, now that everything is becoming automated. With Fashwell’s tech online fashion players can offer personalized product recommendations based on image data collected from clicks and purchases. Our automatic product tagging, in which we automatically add relevant tags to all of your product images, can be used to offer personalized search filters for your shoppers on the frontend. All of our products can be plugged into any part of the user journey, therefore enhancing the overall shopping experience. Not to mention it ups conversion and engagement rates by 20%!