Automatic Product Tagging: Use Cases for Fashion eCommerce

Style. Color. Pattern. Length. Occasion. Shoppers consider a variety of factors when looking at clothes and accessories. Most brands and retailers currently add these product specifications manually to images. But this is completely unnecessary, considering that Fashwell exists. Whatever product category or attribute you are looking for, Fashwell’s deep learning fashion classifiers add tags to product images based on the various data points in the image. We do this automatically thanks to our advanced image recognition algorithms, eliminating the need for manual tagging – so saving you a lot of time and effort on the front and backend of your online shop.

automatic product tagging fashion
Fashwell’s Automatic Product Tagging: Looks for data points in fashion images.

Internal Use Cases

Product Catalog Management

Adding accurate tags to your catalog images allows you to optimize as well as organize your entire product feed from the backend. Keep track of your offerings, monitor bestsellers, under-performers and stock levels. Fashwell’s classifiers are already experts in styles, color, pattern, necklines, sleeve lengths, hemlines and occasion, and we’re constantly adding more tags to keep up with the latest trends. Use these tags to influence future purchasing decisions as well as to understand sales statistics at the attribute level.

SEO and Searchability

The more relevant tags an image has, the higher the likelihood of it appearing in specific search results from shoppers. Improve your products’ ranking and relevancy by letting Fashwell automatically annotate your images with fashion category and attribute labels. Are you a multi-brand retailer with a large number of image types? Fashwell can also classify the model shots versus the clean product shots to bring consistently clean images to your site.

Auto-tagging for Content Creation

For brands, retailers, stylists or photographers, automatic product tagging is useful during content creation. Whether on set for lookbooks, editorial shoots or when curating moodboards, product tags allow content creators to find the items they are looking for in real time.

benefits automatic fashion product tagging
The benefits of automatic product tagging: No Manual Tagging, Searchability, Optimized Product Feed, Personalization.


Use Cases for the User Experience

Fine-grain shopping filters

Enhance the search experience in your online shop by adding even more relevant fine-grain shopping filters for your customers. Go deep into any category (e.g. shoes > sneakers > low top > white > leather > laces) or occasions (e.g. wedding > summer > dress > knee-length > sleeveless > blue). Allow your customers to personalize and specify their search results through filters or by collecting insightful user data.

Personalized Style Profiles

Completely revolutionize the user shopping experience by allowing your customers to shop according to your style profiles. Assign desired style tags, like “minimalist”, “classic”, “edgy” or “street” to match predefined style personas. Ask your customers to choose their favorite looks and Fashwell does the rest. Our auto-tagging technology classifies every product in a feed, so that shoppers only see personalized search results based on their preferred style tribe.

Adding relevant labels to your product images with Fashwell is not only fast but also fully automatic. So if you want a super easy way to manage your product feed and enhance the user shopping experience on your site, get in touch today.