3 Ways to Prep Your Online Shop for the Holidays

Yup, it’s already November. We can’t believe it either. Thanksgiving and Black Friday are just around the corner, and that means Christmas is also only a few weeks away. Now is the time to start prepping for the holiday season: Break out the winter clothes and festive decoration! For eCommerce players, it’s the time of year to optimize your shop for the impending online shopping mania.

Online sales will skyrocket this season – as eCommerce sales have done pretty much for the past five years. But one key difference is that, this year, online sales on Black Friday will probably to surpass Cyber Monday sales. The former has seen a 21.6% year over year increase, while the latter only 12.1%. Also in the forecast: Mobile devices are projected to generate 37% of those online sales, confirming our suspicions on the rise of mCommerce.

Alright, that’s a lot of stats. But they all point to one thing: Online shopping is going to be crazy this holiday season, so it’s best to prep your eCommerce shop accordingly. Here are three Fashwell-approved ways to do just that.

1. Make Your Ads Shoppable

shop the look Fashwell fashion
Allow customers to shop the looks of your holiday campaigns.

You’ve put so much effort into that beautiful holiday campaign – so why not monetize all this hard work even further by adding shoppable tags to all the products in the images? Whether on your website, social media or email campaigns, Fashwell automatically tags multiple products in an image and links them to the relevant products in your shop so that your customers can shop the look.

2. Prevent Dead Ends and Cart Abandonment with Visual Recommendation

visual recommendation out of stock image recognition
If one item sells out, use automatic visual recommendation to show similar products.

One of the most common pitfalls for any online shop during the holiday season is when products go out of stock. But there’s actually a simple way to combat the disappointment that comes with the “Sold Out” label: visual recommendation. Fashwell’s Visual Recommendation lets you plug in a section of visually similar items on the page of a sold out product. By recommending similar products to the one the shopper was interested in, you can prevent them from hitting a dead end as well as decrease the chances of sales loss and cart abandonment. You’re simultaneously increasing your upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

3. Optimize your Shop for Mobile Search & Shopping

visual search for furniture
Optimize for mobile shopping with tools like visual search.

The rise of mCommerce has been well documented by Fashwell (just check out the chapter dedicated to mobile and social shopping in our visual search white paper). Not only are more shoppers spending time on their mobile devices, 72% of them actually search for visual content before making a purchase. This visual inspiration can come in the form of social media images, screenshots or photos taken by the user. Unfortunately, there is still no easy way to shop the products in these images. But if you bridge the gap between mobile visual inspiration and the checkout page – for instance with Fashwell’s Visual Search – you can watch the clicks and user numbers roll in.

Image Recognition eCommerce Solutions – Not just for the Holidays!

Of course these tactics add immense value to eCommerce players at any time of year. and we at Fashwell are always ready for you! We leverage deep learning image recognition technology to automatically find and tag fashion and furniture products in images. This is how we power visual search and recommendation and many other attribute-tagging solutions for online retail.

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