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Shoptalk Europe: Full Steam Ahead on AI and Visual Search

Shoptalk Europe has come and gone. But the effects of this three-day event are still reverberating through the entire eCommerce community. Since its inception, Shoptalk has been a place where innovators meet to actively disrupt and shape the future of retail. This time was no different, so we’ve gathered some insights and impressions.

Fashwell Shoptalk sponsor
Fashwell CEO Matthias Dantone found us on the sponsor map.

Hot Topic Artificial Intelligence

Two words on everyone’s minds: artificial intelligence. AI was a hot topic throughout the entire event: Every vendor had some kind of AI component to their product. Multiple speakers from companies like Google and eBay mentioned AI as an area of focus for future retail strategies. RJ Pittman of eBay noted that AI is a key player for them, saying: “We’re right at the precipice of a transformational inflection point.”

Shoptalk Pinterest visual search Fashwell
Tim Kendall, president of Pinterest, talking about visual search and shoppable content.

Search was the next big topic of discussion – something that always gets us Fashwellers excited! There were talks on visual search by three different companies, including Clarifai and Slyce. Even Pinterest president Tim Kendall said in his talk that “the future of discovery will be visual”, echoing a sentiment that has been Pinterest’s driving force for the last year. We thought he was one of the best speakers at the event, as were Michael Dubin from Dollar Shave Club and Jerry Storch of Hudson’s Bay Company.

Companies Making Waves in eCommerce

We also came across some really cool companies: Many of them, including Twiggle, Loop54 and Adeptmind, harness the power of AI, machine learning and natural language processing to create advanced eCommerce search experiences. Another standout was Z Mags, which works with magazines to create shoppable digital content. Not to mention it was awesome to reconnect with Looklet and see all the awesome things they’re doing with fashion imagery creation.

Fashwell visual search Shoptalk
Behind the scenes of the Fashwell booth…

The days were long but full of excitement: We met inspiring people and companies, had a lot of good food and witnessed some interesting things, like the Copenhagen Drummers, whose performance was quite literally on fire. But in spite of the immense exhaustion post-Shoptalk Europe, everyone was already buzzing about Shoptalk in Las Vegas next spring. See you there!