Fashwell expands Visual Search Technology into Home & Living

Zurich, Switzerland. Today, Fashwell, a B2B image recognition company, announced that they will be expanding their product offering into home & living starting October 2017. For over three years, Fashwell has been powering visual search and recommendation solutions for some of the top fashion retailers, brands and affiliate eCommerce sites across the globe. They will now be offering their best-in-class image recognition solutions to home & living businesses.

“The belief that style doesn’t fit into a search bar has been Fashwell’s guiding principle since the beginning,” says Fashwell CEO Matthias Dantone. “It’s what drove us to train our algorithms on fashion image data, so that we could produce the best retrieval results for our customers. Home and living is a natural expansion, seeing as that furniture and product design fit perfectly into the greater lifestyle universe.” Now, Fashwell can not only help shoppers find similar versions of fashion products they saw a blogger wearing, they can also help customers discover the chair they fell in love with at a coffee shop on their favorite online shop.

Fashwell furniture visual search home & living
Fashwell’s furniture detection.

In order to advance into this new vertical, Fashwell executed the following tactics:

A few months prior to launch, Fashwell engineers began adding furniture and home design images to their algorithm training sets. This came on top of the fashion images with which they already successfully trained their algorithms in fashion product recognition.

Fashwell already communicated their expansion into home & living to a select group of online furniture retailers. As a result, they are pleased to already be working with two home & living retailers to power visual search and visual recommendation on their respective online shops.

About Fashwell AG: Fashwell AG is an image recognition company based in Zurich, Switzerland. Founded in 2014, Fashwell is the proud supplier of visual search tools for online shops and brands such as Zalando and Spring.

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