Visual Search for all – now Amazon and eBay are in the game

Ever since Pinterest launched its Lens feature earlier this year, news about visual search seems to be rolling in on a steady stream. Last week Amazon announced the launch of Amazon Spark, an Instagram-like feature that is meant to encourage product discovery among Prime members by giving them a tailored feed of shoppable images.

amazon spark shop images
Shopping products in images with Amazon spark.

Yesterday eBay also hopped on the visual search bandwagon. They introduced their plans for “Image Search”, a visual search functionality by which their users can snap a photo and upload it to the eBay app or website. It then finds listings similar to the products in the photo.

eBay’s Visual Search tool.

Of course every move that these eCommerce giants make is hyped to no end. This means that the facts sometimes get lost in the fray. But here they are: 

Fact 1: Shoppable images are the future – and they have been before Amazon’s announcement.

Fact 2: Just because a huge company offers something, doesn’t mean it’s that good.

How do we know? Fashwell has specialized in visual search for quite some time.

At Fashwell, we have long understood that style doesn’t fit into a search bar. We identified the need for something greater: visual search specifically for fashion and home design. Product recognition demands so much more than the one-size-fits-all visual similarity search that these retail giants are doing. And all retailers should be able to have it. 

Fashwell has been defining and refining the possibilities of image recognition for over four years. Our technology is able to power visual search and recommendation as well as automatic product tagging within any image. This is how we can offer the same user experience as Pinterest, Amazon and Co., but we’re not limited to a particular platform. Our solutions also do not require manual cropping, and they deliver instantaneous and highly accurate results.

At Fashwell, we do it better. Our tech is faster and way more accurate.

We strongly believe that your customers should be able to benefit from visual search technology, wherever they shop. Want to learn more about our image recognition solutions? Get in touch.