Personalization and eCommerce: The New Dream Team

Style is inherently personal. We tell others who we are through the clothes we wear and the brands we buy. So it’s frustrating when we cannot find items that suit our tastes – especially when it comes to eCommerce. Being bombarded with dozens of different categories, colors, sizes or price ranges can lead to a minor existential crisis: Is this T-shirt my style? Do these trousers represent who I am? When Zalando alone offers 5720 T-shirts to choose from, it’s no wonder that 73% of us leave a website because we couldn’t find what we were looking for.

But that’s just the thing: Style doesn’t fit into a search bar, personalities even less so. That’s what makes having a stylist or a personal shopper so appealing. Luckily in a world where there’s a technological solution for pretty much everything, having a tailor-made online shopping experience is a reality that we can now enjoy.

Personalization comes in many forms – think newsletters addressed specifically to you or birthday-emails with special promotions. One tried and true tactic is offering a streamlined website that offers products tailored to the shopper’s style. Fashwell provides a range of services that can help retailers give their shoppers highly personalized content.

Fashwell and Personalization

When Fashwell’s visual search function is integrated into an app or chatbot, customers are able to search for fashion items based on images that inspire them. Our advanced technology offers exact matches or recommends related products for the item in question. For instance, if the shopper clicks on a striped dress, we can recommend products that are similar in terms of style. This not only gives the shopper immediate satisfaction, it also provides the brand with valuable search data. This can be used to continually serve up personalized content on all platforms the shopper uses to connect with their favourite brands.

Source: L2 Inc.

Fashwell’s catalogue curation function provides a similar personalization service. By categorising products in terms of style, brands can offer their shoppers a streamlined and highly tailored website. We at Fashwell believe that this type of classification makes it easier and more fun to shop. That is why we help brands manage the items in their catalogue in terms of aesthetics. Naturally customers are more likely to return to a web-shop that always matches their personal style.

Why Personalization Matters

Some brands have already realised that offering their customers personalized features will ensure longterm loyalty and profitability. Recent reports have shown that retailers that offer personalization, like a curated website and individualised product recommendations, keep customers engaged long enough to generate more clicks and more revenue. 

The problem with ignoring personalization is two-fold: not only does it hurt the consumer experience, but it also makes it more difficult for buyers to engage with the products. Ultimately, those are things that keep customers coming back. 

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