What exactly is Distributed Commerce?

With the rise of online shopping and the convenience it affords, modern shoppers have also upped their standards when it comes to consumption. When they see something they like, they want to have it right then and there. If there are too many steps towards checkout, the shopper gets frustrated or loses interest. Distributed commerce therefore solves this problem.

Distributed commerce allows shoppers to buy what they see without having to leave the platform or page they’re browsing. “Buy it now” buttons on Instagram or “shop the look” features on affiliated networks or editorials eliminate the need to search for a product externally. By distributing the commerce opportunities across various channels, retailers can reach their target customers as well as untapped markets.

Distributed Commerce and Image Recognition

It’s Fashwell‘s vision to be able to search and shop from one inspirational image. Our image recognition API makes distributed commerce possible across all platforms. Whether it’s social media apps or affiliated networks, Fashwell speeds up and automates the photo-tagging process, which makes every item on an image instantly shoppable.

Distributed commerce is a great solution for all retailers, because it creates a better customer experience and therefore longterm profitability. And that’s crucial for modern shoppers, since they have almost no patience and a plethora of shopping opportunities to choose from.

The goal of modern eCommerce is to build a connection between products and people, and Fashwell helps retailers lay the foundation.

The Takeaway

Our society has become highly visual in that we communicate and express emotions through image-sharing or messaging apps. That’s why it makes sense for retailers to make their products readily available, wherever their customers are.

So if you want your brand to profit from distributed commerce and instantly shoppable content, get in touch.