Pinterest’s Visual Search and Shop the Look – we like!

Last week Pinterest announced Pinterest Lens, a visual search function much like Fashwell’s.

At Fashwell, we have long understood that style does not fit into a search bar. We saw the need for something greater, namely visual search for fashion. When we started Fashwell four years ago, nothing like this existed yet. So we aimed to change this. And we realized quite quickly that there was not just one visual search algorithm to rule them all. Fashion recognition specifically demands so much more than just the common visual similarity search. Generic artificial intelligence is just not ready yet to distinguish between Phantom and Birkin bags while also learning the specific characteristics of Eames chairs. This is exactly why we devoted ourselves to offer fashion recognition and recommendation for every desperate shopper out there – at Internet scale.

What we can do with Visual Search

Fast forward to today: Fashwell’s visual search technology powers visual searches and recommendations as well as photo tagging for fashion companies around the world. Our solution does not require any manual interaction and delivers instantaneous, highly accurate results. We automatically localize fashion products in all kinds of pictures and dynamically find the products in any shop’s product catalogue. Sounds awesome, right? Take a look at a Fashwell result below. 

shop the look social media
Fashwell makes social media images (on any platform!) shoppable.

We strongly believe that not only Pinterest users should be able to “shop that look”. Every label, brand or store should be empowered to provide this feature easily. If you’re interested in visual search and recommendations for your site, get in touch with us – we will make it happen! Contact us to learn more and see a demo of our tech.