Shoppable content on social platforms has arrived

Shoppable Ads, a growth of online shopping

Fashwell’s CEO was scrolling through his Facebook feed a few weeks ago when he came across the following ad:

Both excited and alarmed, he continued to click only to discover that Instagram’s shoppable ads had also found their way to Facebook.

For those who have followed Fashwell over the years already know, seeing this is one of our dreams come true. We believe there is a vast disconnect between style inspiration and the ability to shop. Personally, we think Insta-Shops are clunky and prone to losing a user through the clicks it takes to actually get to checkout. Doesn’t it make more sense to give product information to a customer upfront just like this ad does?

Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and beyond

With Instagram’s announcement of shoppable ads, it is apparent that we are at a pivotal time for social channels. They are beginning to get a cut of the eCommerce commissions they generate through their image-led inspiration. From what we can see, Instagram and perhaps also Facebook will be the first to move to a streamlined in-app shopping experience with product information available on tap and deeplinked links out. While Pinterest has had shoppable pins for over one year, it has not received the same hype that Instagram has with its US based beta shoppable ads. Keeping the user within the platform has its advantages for both sides. It will be interesting to see social platforms moving into eCommerce platforms and the user behavior that accompanies it.

Snapchat would be yet another large platform that is working towards shoppable content. Users are starting to be able to shop via shoppable ads without leaving the platform. Snapchat is starting to generate a healthy chunk of revenue from ads that last for up to 10 seconds. The main idea here is to change viewers into active buyers. And with the popularity of their Discover Channels, it is giving advertisers pre-qualified viewers and targeting ability. The shoppable actions allow brands to watch users’ interactions and with such a young user base, the propensity for eCommerce will be something we definitely want to watch.

Fashwell and Shoppable Content

Our algorithms understand images and link them to shoppable products. They have been trained for many years to identify similar or exact fashion products in images. When Instagram and Facebook shoppable ads open up and every brand is able to get involved, Fashwell is ready to help. With our image recognition API, we assist brands and company’s in content creation. We have the ability to import thousands of images and match the products within seconds. We give advertisers the content they need to target each segment and user that crosses their ad’s path within social media.

Fashwell is a visual search provider that can help your business to evolve and for customers to more easily navigate your checkout path. Our fashion recognition API is a quick and easy solution for photo tagging or augmenting eCommerce products. We focus on the best fashion product recognition and detection so you can focus on what is important.